Become an Affiliate

Faith, Labor, and Community-based groups are invited to join Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa as organizational affiliates.


Becoming an organizational affiliate means your organization:

Supports CWJ’s mission

The Center for Worker Justice unites low-wage workers across race, ethnicity, and immigration status to pursue social and economic justice through education, leadership development, issue-based organizing, direct services, and community alliances.

Participates in CWJ activities and events

As an organizational affiliate you can send delegates to CWJ meetings, serve on CWJ leadership and issue-based committees, and/or connect your members with CWJ’s volunteer network. Your involvement supports the efforts of CWJ’s low-wage members to seek justice, and strengthen your connection to a diverse network of individuals and organizations in Eastern Iowa.

Contributes minimum annual dues of $250 to help sustain CWJ’s work

The Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa is a 501(c)(3) organization that relies on financial contributions from the community to operate. Contributions from individual (low-wage) members, organizational affiliates, community donors, and grants all help to build and maintain the Center for Worker Justice as a vibrant source for justice in the community.

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