Let’s Pass our Checks to Families in Crisis


We are overjoyed to welcome this new year and see opportunities on the horizon to heal and to organize for long overdue progress. We also recognize that the heartbreaking physical and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are not yet over, and we are determined to support each other to get through this together. If you are able, we are asking for your help.
Last year, as the pandemic broke out, we launched the “From My Home to Yours” program. We asked families who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs and receive stimulus checks to pass along some support to local families in crisis, including immigrant and refugee families who play an essential role in our community but are too often excluded from unemployment and stimulus programs.  
The response was breathtaking and inspiring. Caring individuals like you donated over $213,000 since the program began. Our staff and volunteers worked day and night coordinating outreach and applications and were able to distribute 100% of these desperately needed funds directly to over 360 families. Your donations helped a single mother who came to our office with her newborn baby, desperate because her electricity had been shut off, and enabled her to turn back on the lights. You helped so many families remain in their homes, keep lights on and water running, and food on the table. 
The program is helping hard-working people who should have been paid a living wage, who should have access to health care, who should have safe workplaces and paid leave in a global pandemic. But that’s not the case for many workers. We will continue to demand those structural changes – and in the meantime, we will stand with families to help meet their immediate needs.
As the next round of stimulus checks are released, please join us in passing along funds to local families who are left out and in crisis. As in the past, 100% of “From My Home to Yours” funds will be distributed to eligible local families who complete our application process.
You may DONATE through this link: Let’s Pass our Checks to Local Families in Crisis
Or you may make checks payable to Center for Worker Justice with MHTY on the memo line and send them to 1556 S 1st Ave. Suite C Iowa City, IA, 52240

Please help by making your donation and spreading the word. Thank you for all you do. We look forward to seeing you all soon; in the meantime, let’s continue building a more just and united community. 

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