Board of Directors 2020

President: Marcela Hurtado

Vice-President: Kamil Elgiseer

Treasurer: Charlie Eastham

Secretary: Robin Clark-Bennett

Board Members: Ali Ahmed, Margarita Baltazar, Elizabeth Bernal, Maria Cachua, Sherlyn Hdzcano, Father Rudy Juarez, Suhaid Mohamed, Zoraida Oyola, and Royce Peterson

2018 New Board Members

Elizabeth Bernal, CWJ member, joins the Board in 2018. Bernal works in the cafeteria of an Iowa City public school. While there she has helped children and their parents advocate for their needs and experiences in the public-school system through translation, advocacy, and general assistance with parents as English as a second language. As a community leader and advocate in the Iowa City Community School District, Bernal joins the CWJ Board at a time when student advocacy and grass-roots movements begin to take off in our young organizing community.