These 5 Easy Actions Will Support Immigrants This Week

Our community has seen firsthand how the broken U.S. immigration system can lead to devastation after months of confusion, anxiety, and heartbreak. We know the American Dream cannot survive without the hard work and contributions of immigrant workers and families. Take these 5 steps this week to join CWJ and protect immigrant workers.

  1. Take our survey to join our Immigration Committee and Response Teams today. This survey takes less than 5 minutes and will get you part of our response team in the case of an ICE raid or other immigration crisis in our area.
  2. Friday, 3pm, at the Pentacrest, Immigrants are Here to Stay! Join CWJ, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and Iowa Action and Student Engagement. Stand with students, international and domestic, to demand action from University President Bruce Harreld to protect students left vulnerable to future immigration legislation or executive orders.
  3. Allies and Members, join our Membership Meeting this Saturday, 1pm, at the Center for Worker Justice. As developments take place rapidly across the nation, members and allies alike are invited to join this Saturday’s monthly membership meeting.
  4. Invite a friend! Grab a new friend and join the rallies or get them to a meeting. If marching in the street has made them nervous, introduce them to the other ways to get involved by taking the Response Team survey or coming to the Saturday Membership Meeting. 
  5. Donate to CWJ! Our work is made possible by the donations of individuals who believe that all peoples, regardless of race, income, immigration status, or religion, deserve equal opportunities. Support our work by becoming a monthly donor today!

From Sudan to Mexico, from Laos to Syria, or from anywhere else to Iowa, all peoples regardless of nationality deserve dignity and respect. Attacks on these principles cannot be tolerated and we must hold our representatives accountable to these core beliefs. At CWJ, we have been keeping a careful on the developments at the statehouse and out of Washington and stand evermore determined to fight back as legislators and administrators push policies that would be devastating to Iowan workers. We have heard the whispers and investigate for any truth in the rumors surrounding potential immigration raids in the Iowa City area. (As of right now, none have taken place, but we are keeping a close eye on activities as reports are released. If you hear of any information, please let us know.)

Take our survey to join our Immigration Committee and Response Teams today.

Join the rally Friday at 3pm and our Membership Meeting this Saturday at 1pm to make a difference in the fight for immigrants.

Si se puede!…

Iowa: Here To Stay! / ¡Estamos Aqui Para Quedarnos !

Friday, March 3rd, from 3pm-4:30pm on the Pentacrest / Viernes 3 de marzo, de 3pm a 4:30pm en el Pentacrest

Organized by CWJ, CCI, and IASE.

This will be a rally supporting immigrant rights throughout our community: in the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, and all over Iowa.

We will be meeting on the Pentacrest because the University of Iowa President, Bruce Harreld, has remained silent on various student issues, including immigration. We demand him to speak out against the horrible bills in Iowa that would devastate our home state.

Este será un rally de apoyo a los derechos de los inmigrantes en toda nuestra comunidad: en la Universidad de Iowa, en Iowa City, y en todo Iowa.

Nos reuniremos en el Pentacrest porque el presidente de la Universidad de Iowa, Bruce Harreld, ha permanecido en silencio sobre diversos temas estudiantiles, incluyendo la inmigración. Le exigimos que hable en contra de las horribles leyes en Iowa que devastarán nuestro estado .

Specifically, HF265 would force the university, and any public employer, to divulge the immigration statuses of their students or workers.

We cannot allow these draconian laws to take hold; we need Bruce Harreld to protect his students, and we need all of Iowa to stand together against tyrannical law.


Mazahir Salih – President of the Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa:: Centro de Justicia Laboral

Natalia Espina – One of the founding members of the Eastern Iowa Bond Project:


Current Iowa legislation targeting immigrants: HF265 (formerly HSB67) and the E-Verify bill, SF172:


Iowa Action and Student Engagement Statement:

People’s civil rights in this country are in immediate danger, and have been for a long time.

After months of Islamophobic rhetoric, the President enacted an executive order, calling for the U.S. to ban immigrants from many Muslim-majority countries. This goes against everything this country stands for; and when it comes to immigrants in this country, undocumented or not, the narrative is similar; the President’s administration has made deportation a prominent part of their platform, and now they’re acting on it.

We ask you, the people of Iowa, to come together to rally against these unconstitutional policies due to the destruction they will reap on the lives of our friends and neighbors.

Every person deserves to live without being in a constant state of fear; all immigrants in Iowa deserve to stay.…

Enough of Corporate Agenda

More anti-worker, anti-immigrant bills are being rushed through the Iowa state capitol, and it’s important that each of us speak up to our legislators against them. While lawmakers continue to make life easier for billionaire corporations by eliminating rules that protect Iowans, lowering wages, and handing away millions in corporate welfare, they are playing an age-old game of divide and conquer by scapegoating our immigrant brothers and sisters for growing inequality. Please call your legislator today to oppose these bills:

Senate File 172 would make the flawed E-Verify system mandatory for most Iowa employers. This system checks workers’ photos, names, and social security numbers against several federal databases that are riddled with errors due to name changes related to marriage, changes in immigration status that aren’t yet recorded, and typos. It creates a burden for both workers and employers, and is just a complicated duplication of the I-9 system already required in every workplace. It doesn’t raise wages or improve our workplaces and has led to charges of discrimination across the country.

House File 265 would prohibit the state, counties, cities, and state-funded schools from adopting policies that restrict their participation in federal immigration enforcement. Our cities, counties, and schools have the right to prioritize their limited resources toward fulfilling their primary mission – creating safe neighborhoods and learning environments so that all Iowans can thrive, not tearing apart our communities and tearing apart local families.


Contact your Senator (515) 281 3371

Contact your Representative ( 515) 281 3221

Membership Meeting & Allies/Reunion de la Membresia y Aliados

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We invite you to attend the monthly meeting of members of the Center, where you will hear news from the community, the work being done; Updates on immigration and what we are doing to protect the community, we will also talk about the education of our children, theft of wages and affordable housing.
We will have Daycare !

This is an open invitation to our Allies in Iowa City, join the Membership Meeting & find out how you can support our immigrant’s Community on this political moment.…

Stop the Legislature’s Assault on Iowa Workers!

On February 7, Republican lawmakers in Des Moines filed bills that constitute an all-out attack on workers in every city, county, and school district in our state. CWJ President Mazahir Salih and Vice-President Irund A-wan joined hundreds of union and community members at the capitol yesterday to speak out against these attacks.

House Study Bill 92 would take away the minimum wage increase our members fought so hard to pass, and throw tens of thousands of Iowa workers back to the poverty minimum of $7.25. It would ban local governments from passing any laws or resolutions that provide higher standards than state or federal law on any issue related to workers’ rights, as well as certain consumer environmental protections.
House Study Bill 84/ Senate File 213 is an extreme proposal that strips away over 100 years of basic civil service and union rights of public service workers – such as teachers, firefighters, secretaries, and snowplow drivers. It removes civil service protections established in the early 1900s to prevent nepotism and corruption, allows workers to be fired for any reason and without cause, makes it illegal for public workers to negotiate with their employer over any working conditions except raises, and contains provisions to dismantle public workers’ unions.
This is devastating to our state, our workers, and our public services. Please join us in calling our state legislators today to reject these attacks on the people of Iowa!
Connect to your state Senator by calling 1- 844-332-8460.
Connect to your state Representative by calling 1- 855-790-8815.