Let’s Talk SF 481

On July 1st, the controversial “anti-sanctuary city bill” will take effect throughout Iowa. Since its introduction into the Iowa State Legislature, the CWJ has opposed the bill for its questionable constitutionality and its racially charged, political undertones. We feel that by forcing local governments to assist in the activities of federal immigration enforcement (ICE), this bill has the potential to create an environment that is unsafe for immigrants and other Latinx individuals by allowing for and normalizing racial profiling. 
Although Iowa City and Johnson County officials are continuing to assess if or how SF 481 will affect their current policies, the Center for Worker Justice, nevertheless, stands resolute in its commitment to the protection and the betterment of the lives of our immigrant friends, family, and neighbors.
To date, the CWJ has met with state and local lawmakers such as Governor Kim Reynolds, The Johnson County Board of Supervisors, and the Iowa City Mayors’ Office to speak out against this bill. As we move forward, we will continue to advocate for progressive, inclusive legislation and stay vigilant for any potential discrimination in our community.


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