Social Justice Course Update: ICCSD Apologizes, Promises Transparency

Earlier last month, the ICCSD School Board announced that it would be unable to provide the previously promised Ethnic Studies course for the current trimester, citing a lack of students to support the class budget. At the time, students responded with skepticism, noting the district had made exceptions in the past, and Tuesday night, they came together once again to advocate for the social justice course. Sitting in the first row of chairs at the school board meeting, students held signs that called for “transparency” and “action.”
During the meeting, the School Board maintained that they would be unable to provide the class for credit until fall 2019, but members were apologetic and receptive to the students’ feedback. “I will personally apologize that we did not follow that kind of transparent process leading up to this,” stated Janet Godwin, School Board President. “We are going to try to do this right, because I don’t want this same thing to happen again,” added Shawn Eyestone, Board Member. To further show their cooperation, the board has agreed to appoint a liaison to ensure the students do not feel cut out of the conversation as decisions are made.
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