These 5 Easy Actions Will Support Immigrants This Week

Our community has seen firsthand how the broken U.S. immigration system can lead to devastation after months of confusion, anxiety, and heartbreak. We know the American Dream cannot survive without the hard work and contributions of immigrant workers and families. Take these 5 steps this week to join CWJ and protect immigrant workers.

  1. Take our survey to join our Immigration Committee and Response Teams today. This survey takes less than 5 minutes and will get you part of our response team in the case of an ICE raid or other immigration crisis in our area.
  2. Friday, 3pm, at the Pentacrest, Immigrants are Here to Stay! Join CWJ, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and Iowa Action and Student Engagement. Stand with students, international and domestic, to demand action from University President Bruce Harreld to protect students left vulnerable to future immigration legislation or executive orders.
  3. Allies and Members, join our Membership Meeting this Saturday, 1pm, at the Center for Worker Justice. As developments take place rapidly across the nation, members and allies alike are invited to join this Saturday’s monthly membership meeting.
  4. Invite a friend! Grab a new friend and join the rallies or get them to a meeting. If marching in the street has made them nervous, introduce them to the other ways to get involved by taking the Response Team survey or coming to the Saturday Membership Meeting. 
  5. Donate to CWJ! Our work is made possible by the donations of individuals who believe that all peoples, regardless of race, income, immigration status, or religion, deserve equal opportunities. Support our work by becoming a monthly donor today!

From Sudan to Mexico, from Laos to Syria, or from anywhere else to Iowa, all peoples regardless of nationality deserve dignity and respect. Attacks on these principles cannot be tolerated and we must hold our representatives accountable to these core beliefs. At CWJ, we have been keeping a careful on the developments at the statehouse and out of Washington and stand evermore determined to fight back as legislators and administrators push policies that would be devastating to Iowan workers. We have heard the whispers and investigate for any truth in the rumors surrounding potential immigration raids in the Iowa City area. (As of right now, none have taken place, but we are keeping a close eye on activities as reports are released. If you hear of any information, please let us know.)

Take our survey to join our Immigration Committee and Response Teams today.

Join the rally Friday at 3pm and our Membership Meeting this Saturday at 1pm to make a difference in the fight for immigrants.

Si se puede!

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