Let’s Pass our Checks to Families in Crisis

They’re here!! The much-anticipated covid relief stimulus checks are inbound and arriving in bank accounts across the country as you read this! For some this relief comes as extra money to invest in their favorite local businesses or a safe outdoor activity with the family. However, for many more, this stimulus check means a payment on overdue rent, paying overdue bills to get their water or lights turned on, or paying to keep a hospital bill from going to collections. 

But many families in crisis in our network will not receive a check. Immigrant workers have been on the frontlines of this pandemic. Some “essential workers” continued to be forced into work, doing the most dangerous jobs for the lowest pay, and suffering disproportionate levels of COVID-19 infection. Others whose labor had previously powered the service sector were suddenly thrown out of work and left with no income to pay for rent, utilities, or basic needs. In spite of their contributions to our communities and economy, millions of immigrant workers continue to be excluded from federal and state crisis support.

Once again, we say “NO” to exclusion. Through solidarity and mutual aid, we can ensure that children, parents, and senior citizens are not stranded, alone, and in crisis. Our “My Home to Yours” program distributes relief funding ranging from $400-$600 to local families in crisis – to keep on lights and heat and maintain access to water and food. 

Launched for the first time last spring, the success of this program has been inspiring and breathtaking. Your donations have reached hundreds of families struggling to meet their most basic human needs. When your check arrives, please consider passing along a portion or all of your check to support this program and our friends who are left out and in crisis.

You may DONATE through this link: From My Home to Yours

Or you may make checks payable to Center for Worker Justice with MHTY on the memo line and send them to 1556 S 1st Ave. Suite C Iowa City, IA, 52240

Please help by making your donation and spreading the word. Thank you for all you do. We look forward to seeing you all soon; in the meantime, let’s continue building a more just and united community. 

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